1st European cooperation workshop “How to Establish a UN Youth Delegate Programme” in Mannheim, Germany, November 2011

Trainer countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Romania

Participant countries: Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy


Download power point presentations:

Step-by-step: How to establish a UNYD Programme (Elizabeta Petrova, UNA Bulgaria)

How to develop a lobbying strategy (Ioana Sirbu, European Parliament)

The European Youth Forum & UN Youth Delegates (Falko Mohrs, European Youth Forum)


Download project proposal documents:

Project Proposal template

Annex: New York Agenda of the German UN Youth Delegates 2011, 1st week

Annex: UN Youth Resolution 2009 (official version)

Annex: UN Youth Resolution 2011 (unofficial version)

Letter of support by the UN Youth Programme

Official UN Youth Programme Guide to UNYD programmes


Download communication documents:

Negotiation in favour of UNYD programmes (Research Task 6)

Regular questions asked by ministries, foundations, sponsors

Using Objective Criteria: 4 Pillar recommendations


Download fundraising documents:

Fundraising for UNYD programmes (part of Research Task 3)

European Foundation Centre Advice to Grantseekers

Youth in Action Funding Priorities

SMART criteria

Overview: Statistical annex to World Youth Report 2010

Statistical annex to World Youth Report 2010 (PDF)


Download mind map posters:

Work of Permanent Missions

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Umbrella NGOs

World Programme of Action Youth (WPAY)

Learning experience of UN Youth Delegates

How does my country benefit from a UNYD programme?


One thought on “Workshops

  1. These documents are very helpful for me to run youth delegate establishment campaign in India. Thanks for your generous help….

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