Research Guide for Founders of UN Youth Delegate Programmes

This research guide will guide you through the most relevant pages of the handbooks listed below. The guide was written for the participants of our European cooperation workshops, but may likewise be of use to young people in countries outside of Europe.

Download entire document (PDF)


Individual research tasks (PDF)

Overview  –  Task 1  –  Task 2  –  Task 3  –  Task 4  –  Task 4a  –  Task 5  –  Task 6

Answer templates (Word)

Task 1  –  Task 2  –  Task 3  –  Task 4  –  Task 4a  –  Task 5  –  Task 6



Handbook for establishing a national UN Youth Delegate programme

Download (PDF)

Published by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), the new edition of this handbook is an excellent resource for young people wishing to establish UN Youth Delegate programmes – it gives a very good first overview of relevant actors and provides key background information.


Guide to Youth Delegates to the United Nations

Download (PDF)

How do the others do it? This recent United Nations publication gives a good first overview of national UN Youth Delegate Programmes, with country profiles on Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand

Guide for Youth NGOs at UN Meetings

Download (PDF)

Tons ‘n tons of committees, 193 UN Member States, thousands of diplomats – feeling a bit lost in New York? This recent publication of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) has become a key resource for UN Youth Delegates’ work at the UN, covering relevant background documents, preparation, negotiation processes, special youth events and follow-up activities.


World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY)

Download (PDF)

Wondering what international youth politics is all about? WPAY is the backbone of the UN’s strategy for youth. The most recent version was passed by the General Assembly in 2007, focusing on 15 different priority areas. WPAY provides a strategic framework for the youth policies of all 193 UN Member States at their national levels. UN Youth Delegates exist to make sure they never forget their promises…


UN General Assembly Resolution “Policies and programmes involving youth”

Download (PDF)

Every two years the General Assembly passes a Youth Resolution, evaluating progress on implementation of WPAY and making recommendations for future action. Who drafts the resolution and heads up the negotiations? Big exception: not the diplomats, the UN Youth Delegates themselves! Check out their little present for you in operative clause 17…


National Youth Councils

Download (PDF)

National Youth Councils are among the most important cooperation partners for national UN Youth Delegate Programmes. This independent research project outlines their creation, evolution, purpose and governance.


Understanding NGOs

Download (PDF)

What types of NGOs are out there? How do they work? Which ones could be useful cooperation partners at the national level? This short manual written by co-founders of UN Youth Delegate Programmes provides very first insights.


EFC Advice to Grantseekers

Download (PDF)

This document provides a very short, step-by-step guideline to identifying suitable foundations and writing grants. It was published by the European Foundation Centre, an umbrella organization to some of Europe’s most important foundations.


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